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Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars, or wisdom teeth, are traditionally extracted to prevent infection and crowding. But sometimes extraction methods may cause more harm than good to patients. Dillon-Costantino Dental can help you decide whether or not to extract your wisdom teeth.

Healthy Wisdom Teeth and Removal

In general, the adage "if it is not broken, do not fix it" holds, even when it comes to wisdom tooth removal. If your wisdom teeth are healthy and do not cause any problems, they do not need to be extracted. This means that your third molars can remain if they:

  • Are in good health and do not show signs of decay
  • Erupted completely through the gums
  • Are in the proper position and following your natural bite
  • Are capable of being completely brushed and flossed

The most significant barrier to maintaining your teeth is the time it takes for your wisdom teeth to fully erupt. Although you may notice these teeth breaking through your gums around the age of 17 or 18, they do not fully emerge until the age of 25.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

The majority of wisdom teeth have been extracted by the dental community. "Better safe than sorry" proved effective. Wisdom teeth are estimated to cause future oral problems two-thirds of the time when they are left in place. They are difficult to clean, prone to cavities, and frequently contribute to gum disease.

Do Not Let Them Crowd Your Teeth Out

The most common issue with fully developing wisdom teeth is a lack of space. This causes the other teeth to shift and become crooked. Crowded teeth not only cause misalignment but also gum disease and tooth decay. If your wisdom teeth can not fully emerge, they may erupt at an angle, allowing germs and bacteria into your gums. If your wisdom teeth become impacted, they can infect your gums and crowd out your other teeth. Extraction of wisdom teeth is advised if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Frequent pain or discomfort
  • Repeated infections
  • Cysts or tumors 
  • Gum disease symptoms
  • Signs of tooth decay

Consult your dentist or oral surgeon to see if you need your wisdom teeth removed. They can take X-rays, examine your mouth, and discuss the pros and cons of wisdom tooth extraction. Dillon-Costantino Dental can help you. We are located at 10505 West Pico Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90064. Call (310) 475-0617 to schedule your appointment.


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