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Dentures in West Los Angeles, CA

Do you want to restore your missing teeth? Then, you should go for dentures. Tooth loss can be due to various problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, etc. It makes you feel less confident while smiling and even causes difficulty eating or drinking.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are oral appliances used to replace your missing tooth. It also restores the appearance and oral function of the missing teeth. It can either be complete or partial. A full denture replaces the entire arch of teeth, while partial dentures are used for replacing one or two teeth.

Types of Dentures

As discussed earlier, dentures are of two types:

● Full/Complete Dentures

These dentures are made of plastic and are colored to replicate the gums and support a full set of plastic or porcelain teeth. It is fixed in place by a seal with the gums in the mouth, and they can even be held in place using a dental implant.

● Partial Dentures

These prostheses are either made of plastic or have a metal frame that supports the teeth to be replaced. It is held in the mouth with clasps and then carefully attached to the natural teeth.

How are Dentures Made?

After the tooth extraction procedure, the socket begins filling with bone, and gum tissue heals and changes its shape. It takes a few months till the bone and gum reach their stable state. After this, a complete denture is created after 8 to 12 weeks of tooth extractions.

Making dentures begins with your dentist taking numerous impressions or molds of the oral tissue supporting the dentures. These impressions are sent into the dental lab to prepare a model of the patient’s mouth. Then, using these models, the dental technician will build the dentures and transfer them to the patient’s mouth to ensure a proper fit. 

After getting the dentures fixed in the mouth, the patient must visit the clinic for about four to five weeks. 

Then, the dentist will instruct you about the aftercare process and help you regain the confidence you lost while smiling.  

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